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Dale Dental began in January of 2000, marking the dawn of a new era in dental outsourcing. As America’s first dedicated outsource lab, Dale Dental quickly grew into an unmatched national powerhouse and outsourcing super-center, satisfying a genuine need among dental labs for access to the best proven restorative technologies with the fastest turnaround times at affordable prices.

By providing fast market access to reliable technology delivered by a “best of the best” staff, Dale quickly became synonymous with customized solutions for labs across the U.S.

Dale Dental will always be known as America’s first dedicated outsource lab. However, that’s not the “first” we’re most proud of. Our greatest pride comes in knowing that today, we’re still first in terms of service, first in our ability to offer the latest technologies and first to provide the independent expertise and quality dental labs crave. Most importantly, we’re still the first choice for labs looking for access to the latest technologies quickly and cost-effectively.

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