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Dale's Tale

Dale Dental was founded by David Lesh, who gained a passion and appreciation for the lab industry working at his family’s lab during his youth. Being able to approach outsourcing from the perspective of hardworking, real world lab owners and techs would make all the difference. It’s why Dale is the one outsource lab that “gets it.” And it’s why you should get Dale.

Dale’s loyal clients wonder how they ever made it before Dale Dental was created. In prior days, the only available option was the unthinkable: outsourcing to the competition, turning down business, working beyond their means or missing deadlines. 

With the goal of helping other labs serve their dentists like never before, Dale became known as the outsource resource for smart technicians across the U.S.

But success stories from labs didn’t make us complacent, they made us hungrier. Our ceaseless pursuit of excellence compelled us to achieve industry-leading ISO 9001:2000 certification, and years later updated to the latest ISO 9001:2008 standard. And we’re just getting started. All of us at Dale are continually looking at new ways to make our already legendary service even better. We’d love nothing more than to be part of your company’s next chapter and to have you be part of ours. Are you in?

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