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A dynamic force that makes the possible finally attainable.

At Dale Dental, our technologies may be incredibly advanced but our mission couldn’t be simpler. To serve as an outsourcing super-center, we offer dental labs access to state-of-the art dental technology and provide dental technology manufacturers fast-market access to these labs. Dale gives dentists the opportunity to maintain their existing critical lab relationships without having to find new labs when new products come to the market.

Dale enables labs to be the best they always wanted to be. By bringing them access to cutting-edge technologies, we help dental labs better serve their current customers or serve as a catalyst for their growth.

For the worlds restorative system and material manufacturers, Dale Dental is a powerful partner and turnkey distribution channel to connect your products to the dental laboratory marketplace. Any outsource lab can promise the world, only Dale can actually deliver it. Dale is the world leader in dental outsourcing because it offers labs the restorations they need instantly – without any equipment, startup costs or delay, and with a level of quality not found anywhere else. Find out what the world’s leading dental system and material manufacturers already know. To take your product to new heights and to new markets, Dale Dental is the one name you need to remember.

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