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MedicalMarks TM

MedicalMarks is dentistry’s most advanced solution for dentists that want to ensure their dental restorations are manufactured in FDA compliant facilities as well as the geography where the restoration was made.

MedicalMarks is the world’s first and only decal-style authentication system to put point-of-origin manufacturing information as well as FDA compliance and other manufacturer information on its uniquely numbered and online verifiable labeling.

In addition to point-of-origin, FDA compliance and certifications, the MedicalMarks system uses a sophisticated information technology backbone that can associate other important Medicaldevice manufacturer information to the restoration record. Information such as specific case information, case designs, related MSDS sheets as well as other parties involved in the manufacture, and their manufacturing certifications, warranty information and more can optionally all be linked to one device record.

Why MedicalMarks?

Because as the Medicaldevice supply chain within dentistry, particularly dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, laminates and implant related, continues to expand both geographically, as well as the number of material suppliers and dental laboratories, the ability to track and ensure a restorations legal compliance to federal and state laws becomes increasingly difficult.

Most of the current authentication tools and other labeling and identification options available in dentistry are as subject to fraud as the restorations and Medicaldevices they try to protect. Few options use unique identification numbers to identify and authenticate each case and none actually convey the point-of-origin manufacturing information doctors need most to comply with their state and possibly other regulations.

MedicalMarks is the first Medicaldevice authentication system to disclose on each of its labels:
FDA Compliance of the facility where the dental restoration was manufactured
The Point-of-Origin manufacturing location of the restoration or its parts
Any third-party certifications or other compliances associated with the restoration, its materials or its manufacturing facility.

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