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Nobel Procera Implant Bars
by Dale Dental

Dale Dental is Proud to be a Distributor of Nobel Procera Products

Nobel Procera by Dale Dental is the fastest, easiest way to get high quality, custom-milled, titanium implant bars for overdentures and fixed-detachable implant prosthetics of all types with a wide range of attachments. The strong, seamless, one-piece design is milled from a solid block of titanium, is devoid of any bacterial harboring porosity, and is never welded for the ultimate in strength and long-term predictability. Additionally, titanium’s benefits over conventional alloy options include a lower specific gravity for substantially reduced weight and thermal conductivity contributing to a more natural and comfortable feel overall. All Nobel Procera prosthesis come with a industry-leading 5 year warranty against breakage.  

The Nobel Procera process begins with an ultra-precise high-resolution scan of your model work with fixture replica positions. From there a CAD file is generated where your choice of bar types are virtually placed and designed to your exact specification and case requirements. Dale Dental can send you images, including cross sections of the bars relationship to the denture, for your review before machining.

Once designed your bar is milled and polished and all attachments are placed via screw for easy retrieval or future modification.  

Nobel Procera milled bars are available for the widest range of implant systems with your choice of attachments.



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