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Digital PFM Copings & Bridge Frameworks

PFM Copings from Your Model Work or Digital Scans

Now Matched

Digital PFM restorations by Dale Dental are produced using the latest high tech manufacturing equipment combined with proprietary software and processes that ensure adherence to your preferences and extremely precise fits for all of your PFM copings and bridge frameworks regardless of span or alloy chosen.

Our digital PFM’s help your lab truly operate peak efficiency with restorations that truly fit and match your design files - all delivered fast and from the widest range of dental scanners including:

3Shape Scanners 3Shape Scanners
Lava ST Scan Lava ST Scanners
Straumann Cares Scanners Straumann Cares Scanners
DentalWings DentalWingsScanners

Peace of Mind
Now a Piece of Cake

All digital PFM restorations by Dale Dental restorations are made at Dale Dental’s ISO 9001:2008 FDA GMP compliant facility located in the USA in Richardson, Texas. Dale Dental’s industry-leading ISO third-party certification helps your lab fulfill its FDA requirement to use only FDA GMP compliant providers. This additional level of regulatory compliance certification gives you and your doctor’s additional peace of mind in the legitimacy of the restorations provided to your patients.

The Fit. Guaranteed
Because That’s What it’s All About

The digital process creates PFM copings and bridge frameworks that exhibit ultra-precise fits, both at the margin and over large spans. The consistency and reliability of this process means Dale’s guaranteed fit applies to even the largest span PFM frameworks without any risk, delay or additional fees.

All The Materials
Give You All the Options

Digital PFM’s by Dale Dental are available in the high noble, noble and predominantly base alloys listed below.

High Noble Classification Alloys
HN1 Dentsply Eclipse: Au 52%, Pd 37.5%, Zn 3.8%, Sn 3.4%, In 3.3%
HN3 Dentsply Veritas: Au 40%, Pd 45%, Ag 4.9%, Zn 2.5%, Sn 5.0%, In 2.5%, Re 0.1%

Noble Classification Alloys
N2 Dentsply Applause: Pd 54.85%, Ag 35%, Sn 9%, Zn 1%, Ir 0.15%
N4 Ivoclar CPG: Pd: 25%, Co: 40% Cr: 21.4%, Mo: 12.7%, W, B, Ta <1%

Predominantly Base Classification Alloys
PB2 Tilite Premium:
PB3 Tilite V:

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