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Lava Understructures

Dale Dental is an Authorized Lava Milling Center
3M™ ESPE™ Lava Understructures use a CAD/CAM procedure for the production of all ceramic crowns and bridges. The model work is scanned using white-light triangulation via a non-touch optical scanner. The scanned data is then displayed on a monitor where it is examined and adjusted on-screen to achieve the clinical and esthetic results necessary for your case. Once fully designed, the data is sent to the Lava Form milling machine where soft, zirconia oxide is milled to an expanded, but otherwise identical form. The milled pattern goes through specialized coloring process where it can be left unshaded or one of seven shades can be selected. The pattern is subsequently sintered through a precise heating and cooling cycle where it is reduced to its final shape and size.

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Lava Understructures
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Lava Overview Video
Enjoy this quick overview of the Lava restorative process. Double-click for full screen.

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