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The Hidden Benefits of Understructures by Dale Dental

You already have trust in a great lab. But now you want more restorative options – options your lab doesn’t have the resources or capacity to provide. Cause to switch labs? Not at all. But it is cause for your lab to call Dale Dental. Since we manufacture only coping and bridge frameworks and implant abutments, and only for dental labs, your lab will still provide its signature work and service, we just provide access to the technology and lend an extra helping hand in the process. Our job is simply applying your labs strengths to an unlimited variety of applications.

Here’s how it works: Just send your case for any restoration we offer to the lab of your choice. As always, your laboratory pours the impression, prepares the model work and dies in the usual fashion. Your lab then sends the trimmed dies or model work to us. We manufacture the copings and/or frameworks to meet or exceed the exacting tolerances set by the manufacturer. And before you know it, the coping or framework is returned to your lab for inspection and their ceramic layering.

Here’s why it works: Your lab stays in complete control of the model work, die trimming, and ceramics. Therefore, Dale Dental never affects the fit, function or esthetics of your case. You simply get access to all of the latest restorations from the lab of your choice without the lab incurring any startup costs or delays.

Click here if you would like more information about “Coping With Success” your lab’s complete guide to successful dental outsourcing.

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